February 2022 Board Meeting Minutes


Board Meeting Minutes

February 9, 2022, 2 p.m.

Hiawassee Garden Clubhouse

Present: John Clemens, Joan Crothers, Anna Denton, Gordy Jones, David West, Michael Courey, Larry Dietsch.

  1. President’s remarks/report – John Clemens.
  1. Welcome: John opened the meeting at 2 p.m. and welcomed all.
  2. President’s Report: Michael and I have made a lot of progress on our Candidates Forum and that will be discussed in full later on the agenda.
  1. Board Officers Reports
  2. Secretary’s Report: The reading of the minutes of the January 12, 2022 meeting was dispensed with since they had been emailed to the Board. Motion to approve was made by Larry; seconded and passed.

Quorum present.

b. Treasurer’s Report: Larry Dietsch also emailed his report showing a balance of $3,563.61 as of January 31, 2022. He paid the GA Corp. fee with TCCA credit card. Motion made by David Best to approve; seconded and passed.

c. Membership Report: Anna Denton mailed 35 post card and received three responses, giving us now 60 Households for a total of 107 individuals,2 Homeowner Assoc., and 1 Business (GMF). More should be coming in.

d. Website: David updated meeting information section, and February events calendar; January meeting posted; 545 failed logins—all neutralized. John Clemens added as manager. Total expenses $303/year.

3. Committee Reports:

a. City of Hiawassee –Joan: Mayor Ordiales’ report covered last year’s accomplishments and goals for 2022: River St. house usage decided; Paris Center up & running; Water treatment plant expansion by 2023; get rid of big USDA debt—pay $42K/yr. Currently, Air-Med Contract is paid for the year; window fronts on City Hall will be replaced—worn weather stripping & single panes replaced with double; cost $13,520. Bids are out on square landscaping. Paul’s wife is sick so he’s in isolation—Noise Ordinance tabled ‘til he returns. Mathis Way sign will be put back when metal for sign is available. Elevator broken and man to fix it has Covid. Only a few in attendance, meeting only 45 min. long.

b. City of Y.H.-Gordy: Ramp at Cupid Falls is out for bid; still working out cost of $26 for residents needing Timberline pump; cost of new water meters is up; paving High and Sunset Streets; making sewer line repairs.

c. Commissioner-Joan: Cancelled due to icy roads.

d. T.C. Water & Sewer Authority- Michael:No report.

e. Chamber of Commerce-John: Meeting was this morning. John will volunteer for Chamber website committee (done by Pineapple Express Relations-$42K/yr. w/50-60K hits).

f. CVB-Michael: Not enough members present to do business.

Page 2, TCCA Minutes 2/9/22

g. BRMEMC- No report.

h. County Planning Commission-David: No current meeting.

i. Health Dept-Larry: 1/20/22 meeting via teleconference; 52% of T.C. residents vaccinated; still vaccinating; Towns Schools 88%, Eastgate 100%. In last quarter of ’21 there were 32 new septic permits, no rabies in Towns.

j. Board of Education-John:School taxes were more because new Tax Commissioner Henderson collected more; no Covid with staff & only a couple of students are out; no CRT (critical race theory) being taught.

  1. New Business
  1. Vice Pres. nomination and voting: Tabled
  2. Political Forum update: John & Michael’s meeting with GOP & DEM. Chairs went very well; Forum will be on Saturday, April 23rd, at Anne Mitchell Auditorium (at School), time: TBD, flyers will be printed by both parties, Sheriff & Aux. will provide security, candidates names will be filled in on flyers—4 GOP & 2 DEM.—U.S. House of Representatives.
  1. Old Business
  2. Board Membership suggestions: Michael will invite Y.H.C. to Forum.

Send 2-3 questions for candidates to John tomorrow.

  1. Hamilton Gardens Update: John shared his thoughts on the discussion with Hilda and Catherine that took place after last month’s meeting. The discussion centered on the apparent continuing criticism of the operations, both past and present, often presented in the local newspaper and verbally about the current Hamilton Gardens custodians’ actions since the departure of the former Hamilton Gardens at Lake Chatuge, Inc. The amicable discussion allowed me to express my concerns and those of the community with the hope that the new management will seriously consider these concerns in future plans and actions at the Hamilton Gardens. Otherwise, no Association action required at this time.
  1. Other Business: None

Adjournment: Motion to adjourn duly made at 4:45 p.m.

Next Meeting: March 9, 2022 at Hiawassee Garden Club at 2 p.m.

/s/ Joan Crothers, Secretary