January 2022 Board Meeting Minutes


Board Meeting Minutes

January 12, 2022, 2 p.m.

Hiawassee Garden Club,

Present: John Clemens, Joan Crothers, Anna Denton, Gordy Jones, David West, Michael Courey. Excused: Larry Dietsch.

Guest: Jessie Cook, retired from DNR and perspective member.

  1. President’s remarks/report – John Clemens.
  1. Welcome: John opened the meeting at 2 p.m. and welcomed all. He asked Jessie to give us a short bio. He and Michael explained workings of TCCA to Jessie.
  2. President’s Report: John talked to LaJean Turner about coming back on the Board as a Director and she said possibly in the future, but not right now. He also discussed reading the City of Hiawassee Strategic Plan of 2018 and suggests the Board review it if they have not done so recently. A more recent plan for T.C. was done recently and hopefully will be published soon.
  3. Board Officers Reports
  4. Secretary’s Report: Joan read the minutes of the December 13, 2021 meeting and Gordy Jonesmade a motion to approve; seconded and passed.

Quorum present.

b. Treasurer’s Report: Larry Dietsch emailed his report showing a balance of $3,568.61 as of December 31, 2021. Motion made by Anna Denton to approve; seconded and passed.

c. Membership Report: Anna Denton reported: 57 Households for a total of 101 individuals,2 Homeowner Assoc., and 1 Business (GMF). Content of post cards to be sent was discussed and one of the two formats was agreed upon. She will send them out in the next few days. Membership will be: 2 yrs./$45, 1 yr./$25.

d. Website: David took off Hamilton Gardens and put City of Young Harris in its place; a link to the Sign Ordinance is upcoming; and adding update on 2021 Annual Meeting. There were 185 blocks noted, so security is working.

3. Committee Reports:

a. City of Hiawassee –Joan: Mayor Ordiales and two Council members (Amy Barrett & Patsy Owens) were sworn into office; Air Med contract was renewed—$5,390/year.

b. City of Y.H.-Gordy: Mayor Gibby and Councilmen Donald Keys and John Kelley were sworn into office by City Clerk. A hearing on the Kaiser Dean property annexation will be held on Feb. 1 at 6:50 p.m. before City’s regular meeting.

c. Commissioner-Joan: (Michael went in place of Joan.) Service agreement with two Mayors was signed; work being done on beach renovation: playground mulch, swings, benches, walking trail. Sons of Amer. Revolution gave EMT Junior Chastain a Public Safety Award; Michael Courey, representing Firewise, explained new fire permits: GA Forestry Service no longer requires a “burn permit,” but wants you to Take Five—1. Stay 25’ from woodlands; 2. Stay 50’ from structures; 3. Burn only sunrise – sunset; 4. Stay with it until it is fully extinguished; 5. Reaonable Precautions such as shovel/rake handy, water source close. You are responsible for any damages to other properties.

d. T.C. Water & Sewer Authority- Michael:No report (Michael at Commissioner’s meeting.)

e. Chamber of Commerce-John: Meeting is next week.

f. CVB-Michael: GMF cancelled Green Egg Festival because of high pricing of Green Eggs; Comcast was paid $10K for country-wide commercials that received 6K views; it was announced that County Attorney Rob Kiker hospitalized and seriously ill with Covid.

g. BRMEMC- OSHAmandate on workers’ vax overturned by Supreme Court; Jan. 3rd storm-12 poles replaced in 24 hrs.; Hanging Dog (Murphy NC) getting fiberoptic as rural area.

h. County Planning Commission-David: No current meeting.

i. Health Dept-Larry: Next meeting will be 1/20/22.

j. Board of Education-John:Change in policy at all sports games to now accept cash in addition to credit card & buying tickets online; $6 million collected in Dec. from Ad Valorum tax—$206K pending collection. 448 students in Elementary School, 225 in Middle and 307 in High School.

  1. New Business
  1. Update on April Forum-John & Michael: Working with both T.C. political parties to iron out details on the forum for candidates running in Nov. of 2022.
  2. Hamilton Gardens: Changes being made were discussed. Hamilton Gardens at Lake Chatuge, Inc. was dissolved on October 31, 2021 and the GMF Board is now in charge. The Board discussed whether to officially address the on-going complaints and concerns, often expressed in our local newspaper, about the Gardens but decided to leave it up to the President to determine if any course of action is necessary.
  1. Old Business
  1. Board Membership suggestions: Everything already discussed, but will be addressed at a later date closer to membership renewal period in June.
  2. Newsletter: New format discussed and it will be completed soon.
  1. Other Business: None

Adjournment: Motion to adjourn duly made.

Next Meeting: February 9, 2022 at Hiawassee Garden Club at 2 p.m.

/s/ Joan Crothers, Secretary