Towns County Civic Association

Our mission is to provide a platform for all residents in Towns County to address issues and problems of mutual interest which affect the management, planning and development of the county and its environs.Towns County Civic Association Board

Membership Meetings

There is one General Membership Meeting in June each year.

The Board of Directors of the Towns County Civic Association meets on the second Wednesday of each month at 2 p.m.  Members and the public are welcome

The 2023 General Membership Meeting was held on Thursdady, June 29, 6:00 p.m., at the Towns County Senior Center.   The evening started with a potluck dinner for which meat, sandwiches, fruit trays and drinks were provided by the Board.  Next up was a short business meeting that included the President's welcome by John Clemens, the Treasurer's report by Larry Dietsch and a membership report by Anna Denton.

The main topic for the meeting was an overview of the Georgia Department of Transportation's (GDOT) plans to improve traffic on US 76 between Blairsville and Hiawassee.  The project will include widening the highway to four lanes and a bypass around Young Harris.  Traffic disruptions, timeline(s) and ramifications of the highway project were addressed by the GDOT team that attended the meeting.

GDOT guest speakers include the following:
• Oluchukwu Anyaebosi, District 1 Assistant Project Manager
• Sueanne H Decker, District Preconstruction Engineer

As always, members of the public were welcomed to attend whether members or not.

Special Events Hosted by TCCA in 2021-2022 Fiscal Year

  • Public Forum on Drug Abuse focused upon preventing drug abuse in local youth, October 11, 2021, Towns County Recreation & Conference Ctr, Foster Park
  • Non-partisan Candidate Forum in advance of the 2022 Georgia Primary Election, April 23, 2022, Ann Mitchell Auditorium at Towns County High School
 Donations for 2021-22 fiscal year
  • Enotah CASA
  • Towns County Food Pantry
  • Mountain True/HRWC
  • TC High School Scholarship

Board of Directors

  • President - John Clemens
  • Vice President - TBD
  • Secretary - Joan Crothers
  • Treasurer - Larry Dietsch
  • Director - David Best
  • Director - Michael Courey
  • Director - Anna Denton
  • Director - Jim Olson

Some TCCA issues


Towns County Civic Association board members regularly attend City of Hiawassee meetings. Issues include sidewalks, street crossings, permits, and a mayor’s park.

Several recent requested improvements include sidewalk repairs in front of the hospital; a lighted crosswalk sign for the Post Office, and personnel salary justifications.


City of Young Harris

TCCA board members attend City of Young Harris meetings to remain abreast of issues that concern both city and county residents.

Young Harris College, a centerpiece of the city, is a baccalaureate and master's degree granting, private institution that brings nearly 1,400 student residents to Towns County annually.


The "Dragon" and Proposed High Density Housing

Over the last several months, the TCCA has watched, with great interest and empathy, the citizens of Towns County expressing their feelings about the issue of the “dragon” in Hiawassee. Now, concerns from many of the citizens of Hiawassee are focused on the proposed housing plan for downtown Hiawassee.
The concerns of the citizenry of Hiawassee seem to be primarily about the type of tenants and the expected increase in traffic along Highway 76 through downtown Hiawassee. Both legitimate concerns.
The TCCA will always play a role in keeping our county environment as pristine as possible even though growth is inevitable. We will continue to do so by working with our administrators, both county and municipalities, to make sure they keep the
well-being of our environment in mind in their decision-making. Although it has been said the TCCA is pushing zoning to manage growth, we are still evaluating whether this is the best means to manage growth as there are other ways as well.
Using ordinances, and state mandated acts such as the Mountain Protection Act are also means in which growth can be managed if they are properly enforced and followed.


Thoughts concerning the relevance of preserving the County as the environment which many came to live here for.

There are a significant number of County residents that have relocated here to get away from the highly populated areas that contain many facets of the big city life. The sight of a mountain community free of major traffic, a high crime rate, large shopping malls, traffic lights at each road crossing, noise, and yes, the visual pollution of excessive advertising road and billboard signs.  Towns County has now taken steps to better control the spread of large signs, particularly of off-premises billboards, via the county sign ordinance.

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Parrot Feather in Lake Chatuge

The TCCA has been very concerned about the spread of this invasive aquatic plant since the public first became aware its presence in the south end of the lake around the Macedonia area and Sunset Cove.   The initial hope that the winter draw down of the lake and freezing temperatures would eradicate the weed proved futile.  Now we are working with other local organizations and our government leaders to determine the best approach to mitigating the spread of the weed to other parts of the lake and maintaining safeguards to protect the lake from further damage in the future.

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TCCA Membership Application

Become a member of the Towns County Civic Association by clicking on the Membership Form link, then printing and mailing the form to our PO Box.  Your participation in our work on behalf of the local community would be greatly appreciated.

As of Today


  • Folk School Concerts at John Cambell Folk School, Festival Barn, 4590 Brasstown Rd, Brasstown, NC, Friday Evenings from 7PM to 8PM
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Prayer Lunch, Suber Banquet Hall, Rollins Campus Ctr at Young Harris College, Friday, January 12, 12PM - 1PM    Website:
  • Chris Janson, Country Music Artist, Georgia Mountain Fairgrounds, Hiawassee, Saturday, January 27, 7PM - 10PM  Website:


Some are listed below. Other community meetings are posted weekly in the TC Herald.

  • City of Hiawassee Work Sessions - 6 PM Monday, one week prior to City Council meeings at Hiawassee City Hall Council Chamber.
  • City of Hiawassee Council Meetings - 6 PM, first Tuesday of each month at Hiawassee City Hall Council Chamber.
  • Young Harris City Council Meetings - 7 PM, first Tuesday  at City Hall
  • TC Commissioners Meeting -5:30 PM as needed: Third Tuesday at TC Courthouse.
  • TC Planning Commission Meeting - 7 PM, third Monday as needed at Civic Center
  • Board of Education - 7 pm, first Monday except April and July, at Civic Center
  • TC Water and Sewerage Authority Meeting - 6 PM, third Tuesday, 1224 Jack Dayton Circle, Young Harris
  • TCCA Board Meetings - 2 PM, second Wednesday of each month.
  • CVB Convention Visitors Board Meetings, second Tuesdays
  • TC Health Dept Meetings - 9:30 quarterly, fourth Thursdays

Our mission


TCCA board members attend and report on local meetings: Towns County Commissioner, Cities of Young Harris and Hiawassee, TC Chamber of Commerce, TC Water Authority, and BRMEMC board meetings.


Hiwassee River Watershed Coalition, Towns County Food Pantry, TC High School Scholarships, Sheriff's Office, Hamilton Gardens at Lake Chatuge, Enotah CASA.

We Participate

TCCA board members take the lead in many efforts such as Clean Sweep Week, Hamilton Gardens maintenance and benefit galas,  election candidate forums, and county economic improvements.


Towns County Civic Association keeps the public informed through newspaper articles, letters, our website, and  membership dinner  meetings twice a year.