December 2022 Board Meeting Minutes


Board Meeting, December 19, 2022

5 p.m,. @Joan’s place, Hiawassee

Present: John Clemens, Larry Dietsch, Joan Crothers, Anna Denton, Michael Courey, Jim Olson, Gordy Jones and David Best.

l. President’s Report:

a. Welcome: John welcomed all Board members after a short Christmas Party with chili and pizza. Joan was thanked for having it at her “villa” and making the chili. Anna brought a tray of cookies for dessert.

b. Issues for discussion:

i. Quarterly Newsletter: Late Fall/Early Winter 2022: Since it is quite long this time, the portion on Mountain Protection Act will be taken out and added to the next Newsletter.

ii. Topics for Jan. 19th Membership meeting: PastHistory of T.C.(Jerry Taylor) and YHC (Fred Whitley); Future of YHC (Pres. VanHorn) and T.C. Schools (Dr. Berrong), and future of Towns County (Co. Commissioner)—speakers confirmed.

iii. Responsibilities for meeting: Dinner will start at 6 p.m. with Subs, individual chips, fruit & vegetable trays from Ingles, 2 gallons of tea (1 sweet). Board members will sign up on email as to what they will bring. Plan on 50; ask members to bring appetizers & desserts.

2. Board Officers Reports

a. Secretary’s Report-Joan:

i. Motion made by Michael to approve the minutes of the November 9, 2022 meeting that were emailed to Board members; seconded and passed.

b. Treasurer’s Report-Larry:

ii. Nov. 30 balance report: $3,957.90. Income: $605 Dues; Expenses: $100 Chamber dues. Motion to approve was made by Gordy; seconded and passed.

c. Membership Report-Anna: Postcards resulted in 19 renewals, keeping membership at 70 Households (123 Individuals), 2 HOA, 2 Businesses. She will be out of town for the Membership Meeting on 1/19/23.

Website-David: Presentation is up to date. There will be expenses in 2023 for domain name, SSL Certificate and WordPress renewal.

3. Committee Reports

City of Hiawassee-Joan: 11/1/22: Set millage at 1.972. City property tax bills have gone out, which are separate from County/School property tax bills. Alcoholic Beverage Ordinance was finanized: The number of allowable package stores will be two until the county reaches a population benchmark of 20K residents (now 12,800); all 3 present liquor stores are grandfathered in. Future restrictions: At least 1 straight-line mile between different stores, have 3 or more dedicated on-site parking spaces per 1,000 sq. ft. of building space, security cameras in sufficient number so as to record all areas around the exterior of the location, to be maintained for at least 30 days. Local Option Sales Tax is settled: City of H. going from 11% to 13.5%, Y.H. going from 9.5% to 11.5%, and County going from 79.5% to 75%. H. Police Chief Paul Smith resigned at Dec.6th meeting.

City of Young Harris: Wings is now a Steak House run by Osborn Family; 3 bids on sewer line-lowest $36K. Announced new LOST funds to 11.5%; Franchise fee—$100K affecting 2 new businesses coming into Y.H

Commissioner’s Meeting: No meeting in November; 12/20/22: Work on Courthouse renovation going on 4 weeks; Budget hearing on Thursday, Dec. 29th at 10 a.m., Co. employees getting 50 cent raise. No Jan. meeting. Contract signed w/GMRC for LiDAR Project—map photos of T.C. by plane, done every 3 yrs, cost: $18,660. SAR Sid Turner presented Cliff with Good Citizenship Award and had one also for EMS Josh Holbrook that Cliff will present later.

T.C. Water & Sewer Authority-Jim Olson: Having a problem with new drive-up window; current audit showed they have money; have a new Board member. Water system put in long ago by Jeff Waldroup for Frog Pond residents (39) has pump out; charging residents $14K to fix.

Chamber of Commerce-John: Voted in new officers at last meeting; John Clemons is Treasurer; Julie Payne is doing a good job as President.

Convention Visitors Board (CVB)-Jim: No meeting.

BRMEMC-Michael: Doing well—up 180/month on fiber optic new memberships. U.Co. received a grant for electric school buses so EMC needs to supply charging station for them; only happens through TVA.

County Planning Commission-David: Nov. 2023: 1. Sign Permit, Jacky Jones—4×7 on building was approved. 2. David Franklin—Mtn. Protection Permit for RV barn and cutting 20 trees was approved. 3. Mark DeLong—putting house and barn on 20 acres and cutting less than 1% of trees. 4. Resolution to Sign Permits—No more than 3-off-premise signs. 5. Adopted on Consent Agenda: Since 95% of Mtn. Protection is administrative, Terry gets request, signs off and then takes to Planning Commission meeting so citizens don’t have to come to meeting.

County Health Dept.-Larry: Next meeting in January, 2023.

Board of Education-Michael: Three 9th grade students will receive $10K scholarships when they graduate if their grades remain high thru. Grades 9-12

4. New Business from Board Members: None.

5. Old Business: None

6. Motion to adjourn was duly made.

Next meeting will be Wednesday, 1/11/23, 2 p.m. at upstairs conference room at H. City Hall.

Joan Crothers, Secretary