September 2022 Board Meeting Minutes


Board Meeting

September 14, 2022

Hiawassee Garden Clubhouse

Present: John Clemens, Larry Dietsch, Joan Crothers, Gordy Jones, David Best, Michael Courey.

Absent: Anna Denton.

Guest: Jim Olson.

l. President’s Report:

a. Welcome: John welcomed all Board members and 1 guest, Jim Olson.

b. New issues for Discussion

i. Quarterly Newsletter:

1. Next issue: Willbe Nov. 1st with information sent in late October. Gordy will get statements from Mayors Liz & Andrea & Chief Paul Smith; Joan will get statement from Commissioner Bradshaw. Possible feature article for November 1st publication will be Towns County Financial Data including income from tourist industry the last several years. Backup topic is yet to be determined.

2. Tentative Schedule for all Newsletter Publication Dates: January 1, April 1, July 1, October 1

3. Deadlines for submission of materials to be published will the 15th of each month prior to publication date.

c. Possible topics for Membership Meeting Jan. 19th:

i. History of Towns County: YH College History—Fred Whitley (Joan); Current—Dr. Van Horn (Michael); Future—Cliff & John Wilkinson (Michael).

iii. History of T.C.: T.C. Historian Jerry Taylor (Joan)

2. Board Officers Reports

a. Secretary’s Report-Joan: Motion made by Larry to approve the minutes of the August 10, 2022 meeting that were emailed to Board members; seconded and passed.

b. Treasurer’s Report-Larry:

i. August balance report: $3,407.90. Motion to approve was made by Michael; seconded and passed.

c. Membership Report-Anna: Not Present. Michael offered to help Anna, if needed; we don’t want to lose you, Anna (agreed by all).

d. Website-David:

i. Content is up to date.

3. Committee Reports

City of Hiawassee-Joan: A moratorium on liquor store licenses is in effect until 1/17/23 with a new committee to review changes to present ordinance. Owners (John & Becky Landress) of 2 present businesses at the Town Place Plaza (across from Zaxby’s) complained about a 3rd liquor store being put next to their businesses. “Underage girls will be shopping next to a liquor store and that kind of store could bring vandalism & other illicit activities putting property and people in danger.” City has received $197K from property taxes; hotel/motel tax brought in $67K last year at 5% and Mayor would like to raise it to 8% to accomplish 5 different projects with the extra money. Holiday Inn Mgr. was present to say he was against this–$2.5 million renovation has not been recouped because of lower number of guests. Police reported cameras at each end of City led to stolen jet skis being recovered.

[After attending this meeting Michael checked with Hayesville and Murphy ABC stores, Sheriff’s Offices and Chamber of Commerce as to whether those cities have had more crime at the ABC stores or anywhere else close by or at other parts of town. All individuals contacted said “No.”]

City of Young Harris -Gordy: 9/13 meeting:  They set up their annual budget workshop on October 11th at 6:30; the long-delayed Timberline booster pump issue might be finally moving along again, but nobody seemed able to find a lady from which they needed a tiny easement; they apparently had given up on buying fancy new do-everything meters that nobody could manually read if the electronics failed and instead were buying simpler analog meters;  and the city attorney was going to put out an RFP for new engineering firms.

T. C. Commissioner-Joan: 8/19: Commissioner said he hopes to move Courthouse offices to the Historical building first part of Oct.; also hopes to have detainee crews by then. Schedule of fees at Chatuge Campground raised $50/mo.

T.C. Water & Sewer Authority-John: New building is almost finished with a drive-thru pay window.

Chamber of Commerce-John: Met this morning, and they agreed to a replacement for Candace to be announced soon. In the meantime,Mary Ann Miller has been doing a fine job at the office. They are currently tweeking their website.

Convention Visitors Board (CVB)-John: No report.

BRMEMC-Michael: Received a clean slate from annual audit; they have installed 129 meters which is a 2% growth in each county they serve. Annual meeting is Sat., Sept. 24 at GMF Music Hall, registration, voting and entertainment starting at 9 a.m. TVA announced new “Give Back to Small Communities” $30K program. We need to give them our ideas on who would be good recipients: T.C. Schools Book Vending Machine, CASA, Food Pantry, Hiawassee Police Dept., MountainTrue, and Fire Corp were suggested.

County Planning Commission-David: Mtn. Protection Act needs to be explained when people get a building permit. One person cut too many trees above 22K feet and had to pay $15K to plant 300 new ones; another case, a carport had to be moved as it was too close to the highway; and an acre of land is needed per mobile home.

County Health Dept.-Larry: Next meeting is 10/20/22.

Board of Education: No report.

Old Business: We still need a VP.

Adjourn: It was duly moved to adjourn at 4:30 p.m.

Next meeting: Wed., October 12 p.m. at Hiawassee Garden Clubhouse.

Joan Crothers, Secretary