May 11 Board Meeting Minutes


Board Meeting

May 11, 2022, 2 p.m.

Joan’s House

Present: John Clemens, Joan Crothers, Michael Courey, Gordy Jones, David Best.

Absent: Larry Dietsch and Anna Denton.

l. President’s Report:

a. Welcome: John welcomed all Board members; no guests.

b. Political Forum, Post Event Discussion

Main question: Why such a poor public turnout? All else was good, except for only one Dem. Candidate showing up. Responses from all the other candidates that responded to President’s request for comments were positive about the program and thought we should continue to be involved in these types of events. Regarding the low attendance in our event, the Lake Chatuge Chamber’s Business Showcase on 4/26 did poorly also even with lots of advertising. Chamber has no idea why attendance was low this year and also noted that a similar event in Blairsville reported lower attendance than expected.

c. New Issues:

Nomination Committee: Chairman was discussed and Larry was voted unanimously as

Chairman. Michael and Gordy were appointed as the other two needed members of that committee. Present officers agreed to run again and this afternoon John will send out a survey to TCCA membership with this stated and a place for any write-in for each office.

2. Board Officers Reports

a. Secretary’s Report-Joan: Motion made by David to approve the minutes of the April 13, 2022 meeting that were emailed to Board members; seconded and passed.

b. Treasurer’s Report-Larry: Report was emailed: Checkbook balance for April 29, 2022 is $3,641.40 with the following: Income: $8 donations at Political Forum; No Expenses. Motion to approve was made by Michael; seconded and passed.

c. Membership Report-Anna: Report emailed: the same as last month: Currently 65 Households, 115 individuals, 2 Homeowners, 1 business (GMF).

d. Website-David:

i. He has it up to date with minutes and will add the last Newsletter. There were 105

attempts to hack.

3. Committee Reports

City of Hiawassee-Joan: Mayor said 35 accounts still due on property taxes. Sidewalks/curbs on left side of 76 going East & parking lot at Tilted Café waiting on GDOT; slab for ice machine is in at Mayor’s Park; 3 big water leaks have been repaired; 96% of old loans have been paid; Toni Smith, T/U Master Gardeners, will have square flower beds planted soon; City Budget hearings start next week.

City of Y.H.- Gordy: Cupid Falls ramp grant killed; Timberline pump still needed w/Hayes –James accused of not moving project. City looking for grants for affordable housing.

T. C. Commissioner-Joan: Finances are good; Denise Nicholson recognized retiring from Tax Commissioner’s Office after 24 years; New walking path at back of Foster Park; Clerk Linda Hedden retiring (appreciation ceremony later), Brenda McKinney will be replacement.

T.C. Water & Sewer Authority-Michael: No report.

Chamber of Commerce-John: Candace Lee is retiring after 14 years-no replacement yet; Made in GA on 6/25/22. John attended TVA/Chamber meeting as Website Committee member.

Convention Visitors Board (CVB)-Michael: Meeting will be 5/24.

BRMEMC-Michael: As yet, Michael hasn’t received permission to attend.

County Planning Commission-David: Another full meeting w/Mtn. Protection Act affecting properties above 2200’ and setbacks affecting other properties. Not getting a survey and/or building permit before any building is started is a problem.

Health Dept.Larry: Meeting on 4/21/22: Financial & other reports all good; death of Office Manager Laura Ide was a shock to all; Covid numbers are on website.

Board of Ed.-Michael: May meeting cancelled.

New Business:

June Membership Mtg.: Have a pot-luck dinner with TCCA providing drinks and meat, suggested Tea (sweet/unsweet), Chicken/BBQ. Need someone in charge. Speakers: Cripto Money and Community Housing; then both Mayors and the Commissioner to speak on their future plans in these areas. Time: 6 – 7:30 p.m.; Place: TBA. (Addendum – June 16 has been established as the date of the event at the Hiawassee Senior Center, off 76 near Anderson Bridge. )

Old Business: None

Adjourn: 4:30 p.m.

Next meeting: June 8, 2 p.m. at Hiawassee Garden Clubhouse.

Joan Crothers, Secretary