April 2021


Board Meeting Minutes

14 April 10, 2021@ 2 p.m.

Hiawassee Garden Clubhouse, Hiawassee

1.Opening Remarks: Michael welcomed all to the meeting.

Present: Michael Courey, Larry Dietsch, Joan Crothers, Anna Denton, LaJean Turner,

John Clemens, David Best.

Excused: Gordy Jones

Quorum: Quorum present.

2. Secretary’s Report: Anna made a motion to approve the minutes of the 3/10/21 meeting as previously emailed to the Board; seconded and approved as submitted.

3. Treasurer’s Report: Larry emailed his report, showing a balance of $3,427.98 as of 4/11/21. Motion made by LaJean to approve; seconded and passed.

4. Membership Report: Anna reported membership remains the same as last month: 122 individual memberships, 68 households, 8 HOA. She will take the new rack cards and applications to the CLEA meeting on April 22 at 2 p.m. at the Civic Center and hopefully get new members there.

5. Website Update: David has repaired the site for proper placement of the 2020 minutes and made a place for the 2021 minutes to be posted. Changing the administrator and financially responsible person from Jan to David is slowly coming about. There is no need for additional security add-on software.The membership and list the groups we give donations to will be updated with format revision. The Mission Statement will also be updated.

6. Old Business

a. Drug Abuse Program postponed: Michael spoke to TCHS Principal Roy Perren and

Sheriff Henderson concerning the proposed June Membership meeting having the theme

of drug abuse. The schools will be adjourned by then inhibiting the full student

participation. Therefore that theme will be delayed to a time better suited for the students

involvement. An alternative theme for the June meeting will be to address the COVID-19

health effects.

b. June 2021 Program update: Larry will talk to several at the T.C. Health Dept. about

speaking on Covid 19 (Laura Ide/Dr. Zachary Taylor). Michael plans to join him at the 22

April Health Department meeting.

c. Hamilton Gardens Board Status: The decision to enable the Board to continue managing

the Gardens remains in doubt, however negotiations continue.

d. Debit Card: Under the control of the Treasurer. Listing with the web site obligations is


e. Rack Cards: LaJean handed out the new cards and all agreed they looked great. Cost:

$253.59/500. Thanks to LaJean for a great job.

f. Board Membership suggestions: One vacancy remains.

7. New Business

a. Newsletter: Completed by the considerable effort of all involved. Sent to the membership

via email. However there seems to be a distribution problem, as not all have received it.

Distribution problem will be evaluated and corrected.

b. June Membership Meeting: Theme and agenda (See Old Business b.) The meeting is

tentatively set for Thursday June 17, 6:30 p.m. at Foster Park Recreation Center if available.

The Commissioner will notify us of the space available status of the Recreation Center.

c. Bench sign at Lloyds Landing: Mayor Liz provided one of the benches for us to put our

Association name on it. A photo session will be scheduled with the Mayor and all Board

members on Wednesday April 28th at 2 p.m. To be put in the newspaper.

d. July Newsletter: Joan will put together again and she will get a statement from the

Commissioner; Gordy will interview Mayor Liz, and John will interview Mayor Gibby

8. Committee Assignments:

a. City of Hiawassee –Joan: City work session and Council sessions will be open to public

beginning with the April 26th work session. There are discussed as related to the proposed

construction of townhouses on the property across from Taco Bell on Hwy. 76.

b. City of Y.H.- Anna: Residents near Cupid Falls complained of youths’ skateboarding and

damages to a mailbox; Mayor will contact College and Sheriff’s Office and make “No

skateboarding” signs. DNR Trail Grant for $194K w/$150K match for improving Cupid

Falls. Peachtree Federal Credit under contract to buy old Park Sterling Bank property for

$431K; Shirley Miller and Clint Hobbs were appointed to City’s Ethics Committee.

c. Commissioner-Joan: Shake Rag Rd. up to Bell Mtn. will be surveyed in April; and trash

will be picked up by County detainees of the County Jail. Certificates of Appreciation were

presented to 2021 Boys Basketball Champions’ coaches. Large painting by a local artist,

depicting the building of Lake Chatuge, was unveiled, going to T.C. Historical Society.

d. T.C. Water Authority: No report.

e. Chamber of Commerce-LaJean: They have hired a Y.H.C. student to take Crystal’s


f. CVB: No meeting. John will be attending when conducted.

g. BRMEMC- No meeting held for the public.

h. County Planning Commission: No report. David Best will go to next one.

i. Health Dept-Larry: Covid statistics for T.C.: 1,060 cases and 42 deaths; in this week’s

paper: “As of April 11th Union and Towns counties had the highest vaccination rates in the

state—25 and 28% respectively totally vaccinated.

9. Other Business: None

Adjournment: There being no further business, a Motion to adjourn duly made at 3:50 p.m.

Next Meeting: Wednesday,2 June, 2021, at 2:00 p.m.at the Hiawassee Garden Club.

**There will not be a meeting in May

Respectfully submitted,

/s/ Joan Crothers, Secretary