May 2017 Board Meeting

Present:  Noel Turner, Jack Miller, Joan Crothers, Don Berry, Dean Owens, SuSu Davis, Margaret Guthman, Michael Courey.

Minutes: April 21st  minutes, sent out by email, were approved by Dean as sent.

Treasurer’s Report:  Checkbook balance of 4/30/17 showed a balance of $2,591.10; with CD – $1,196.38; Total assets $3,787.48.

Membership:  LaJean was absent, but SuSu reported that we have 191 members.

Committee Meetings:

City of Hiawassee—Paul Smith has been Acting City Police Chief since Arvil Walls has been sick and he is doing a good job; 18 drug arrests in March/April. Brandon Barrett hired as 5th officer, Tony Redone as part time. Council voted Mayor’s salary in Nov. election will be $26K; Mayor Pro Tem receives no extra salary. She has cut salary of EMI for the sewer plant to $3K down from $6K. There is a moratorium on Building Permits for 90 days (from May 2).

City of Y.H.—Second reading on overlay plan for 5 story building; June 2-4 is Seafood Festival.

Towns Co. Commissioner—He said budget is good; beach will open 22nd of May w/bathrooms fixed and building painted; much unfinished work at new Rec. is being done. Matt Youngblood is new Rec. Dir.  Candace Lee presentation on Aug. 21st total sun eclipse viewing at Hamilton Gardens.

Water Authority—Ken is going to next meeting.

Chamber—Noel reported they are on budget w/over 400 members; they have a new logo. Bass Tournament is June 9-12 with 100 teams. He also attended BRMEMC meeting, asked about sale of old EMC building, but got no answer.

CVB: 3 bids came in for 100 Fairground signs—each bid was $4600 so Hilda said she will divide up between the 3.  Commissioner said he wants to get a flashing billboard sign somewhere near Fannin/Union line—cost $3600. No action taken. 288 park was discussed.  Grace Howard asked for $4500 for part time help at Hamilton Gardens—told not now, maybe later.

Key Issues:

Hamilton Gardens—LaJean is absent because she is getting everything wrapped up on the May 20th TCHA Benefit.

June 23rd Annual Meeting Responsibilities:

Chicken-Noel; Ham-Jack; 4 gals. tea & lemons-Dean; LaJean has plastic silver, cups, etc.; everyone else bring side dish, salad, and/or dessert and come early to help set up. Speakers: Commissioner, TVA mgr., Hilda. Noel will discuss a list of some issues: Grant writer needed at top of list.  As usual the election of officers will be held.

Motion: Dean made a motion to check on our 501(c)3 status w/state and obtain if we don’t have it now. Seconded and passed.

Scholarship from TCHA: SuSu presented Senior Amanda Donnelly with $200 check.


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