May 18, 2018 Board Meeting Minutes

Present:  Noel Turner, Jan Kowalsky, Joan Crothers, SuSu Davis, Richard Klotzbier, Don Berry, LaJean Turner, Barbara Carew ; Guest: Larry Katz, retired attorney.

Noel asked everyone to give a short bio for benefit of Larry.

Minutes: April 20th minutes, sent out by email, were approved by Don .

Treasurer’s Report: Checkbook Balance for 4/16/18 is $1,371.25; CD $1,200.57; total assets $2,571.82.

Membership:  LaJean said membership is at 190, but 116 are due in June.

Committee Meetings:

City of Hiawassee:  May 1st mtg.: New office hrs. have no problems; a grant has covered the $3,416 cost of equipment for “Flicks on the Square” each Friday, Library has a permit City can use; 2nd reading of elected officials pay structure and 1st reading of Tree Ord. and Retirement Plan for employees.

City of Y.H.: School St. pipe repair costs additional $10K as one resident won’t allow underground pipe on his property; Maple St. striping is incorrect; vendor is paying for correcting size of chemical tank at water treatment plant; existing Sign Ord. unenforceable, Planning Commission will change within 30-45 days; waiting for Gov. Deal to sign City Charter; Tree Ord. in progress.

Commissioner:  Bids out for new fire station on Hwy. 66 in Y.H; account established for Sheriff crime investigation activities; new vehicle for School Resource Officer—school pays 75%, Co pays 25%; 314 signed up for Code Red Program; Cliff will be a Certified Commissioner as soon as training finished; residential bldg. permits double over last year; John Paul Pebbles completed classes as Certified Residential Bldg. Inspector; no June meeting.

TCW&S Auth.: Mayor Liz reviewed ServLine Leak Insurance plan City adopted; she will pay off a USDA loan w/high interest rate shared by City & Authority, Auth. will make payments to City for their share. City & Auth. working on water agreement: now Auth. pays City $1.65/1K gal. Liz wants to increase by 3% annually. Not settled yet. Michael requested a line item bill to check money paid . They said old software might prevent this. He asked them to consider the continuation of existing fire hydrant 6” water line into Ridgeview Properties subdivision. They said water pressure would be lowered so much it would cause a line collapse. He asked them to answer about 750K gal. lost to leaks last mo. What would be the residential money savings if no leaks. They will research & answer next mo.

Chamber: Noel reported that they cancelled the Golf Tournament. Cliff will report on State of County at Eggs/Issues Breakfast on 5/23, $15, at YHC Rollins Bldg. They are working on Home & Garden Show at Foster Pk. Recreation Center, Made in GA, and the Bass Tournament in Sept., Have 415 members.

CVB:  HGLC request for $14K denied on grounds it should not receive ½ amount Chamber receives from CVB; settled on $5K in addition to the $4K already received. Robyn Allen approved as new Board member. Resistance by renters/owners of cabin rentals to pay Motel/Hotel tax.

EMC: They serve 52,432 meters; 65% of revenue goes to TVA for cost of power, Operations 10%, Administration 4%; BRMEMC use/meter is 750kWh while Nat’l. is 1150 kWh; Annual mtg. will be in Sept., possible “meet the board candidates” meeting in addition.

June Annual Meeting: June 22nd, at the Towns County Civic Center, 6 p.m.  Each member is requested to bring a covered dish.  Speakers will be Shane Headrick from Air Med (county) and Marcus Landow from Air Methods (City).  Speaker system from HGLC.

Candidates for directors: Slate of Officers for June meeting: Pres. Michael; V.P. SuSu, (1-yr. terms) ; Directors: LaJean Turner, Larry Katz, Barbara Carew(2-year terms).

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