October, 2018, Board Meeting Minutes

President Michael Courey opened meeting at 3 p.m..

Present:  Michael Courey, Joan Crothers, Barbara Carew, LaJean & Noel Turner, Larry Katz, Larry Dietsch.

Minutes: Motion to approve the Sept. 19th Board meeting minutes as sent by email was made by Larry Katz; seconded and passed.

Treasurer’s Report:  Joan had the UCB 9/28/18 statement showing balance of $2,571.01. Report tabled

Membership:  LaJean reported our membership is up to 202 as of today’s date.

Old Business: Changes to By-Laws: Changes were discussed, Larry K. will revise and resubmit.

Committee Meetings:

City of Hiawassee: As stated in last month’s minutes, Council members voted to keep millage the same, which is reduction (3-2 vote). Muni-code listing ordinances with separate fee schedule will be available after 2nd reading and approval of new City budget. 1st check received from Serv-line=$423.77.  GMA Plan First members went on tour of City with Mayor. They give access to grants for sewers/water treatment.

City of Young Harris: Steve Clark sworn in for Post 3.  New member sworn in for Post 1. Water/sewer rate for low rent apts. lowered from 4” to 3” meter rate. Working on budget, year end.

Commissioner: Sept. 18th meeting was reported in last month’s minutes: He mentioned the passing of Marsha Elliot & his uncle Jack Bradshaw; Rec. floor @ old Rec. to be replaced; new Rec. has new fence at lower field; 2017 Audit was approved. Work still in progress on Sign Ord., County receives little to no money from billboards, they take away from natural beauty. State, not county, requiring higher 911 charges; landline fee the same @$1.50 & wireless goes up to $1.50.

TCW&S Auth.: Barbara was asked to check on building permits as Wes Lerdon used to do. She reported 81 building permits were issued between Jan. to Sept. 26th of this year. They are still talking about Hiawassee City raise in water price to TC Authority. Now $1.89/1000 gallons.

Chamber:  Larry K. is on nomination list for their board, nominations close today. He attended Board mtg. They said they lost about $700 on BASS masters Tournament; they also paid for security on ball fields, but should be reimbursed by County for that. Also cost CVB ~$60K, plus 70 free rooms. The tournament will be on ESPN sometime in Nov. Several more upcoming events for Chamber—Atl. Boat Show, 11/10-13, and High Sch. Fishing Tournament.  Annual mtg. is 3rd week in Jan.

CVB:  Grant applications received for 2019. 4 submitted last meeting (Oct. 9th).  All Grant awards are pending further review and contract finalization. Chamber-$2,833/mo. in 2018, & 2019 request ~$33K; Hamilton Gardens submittal-$28,220. 2019 = $12-13.5K; Art Guild, considering $2,500; GMF-considering $65K w/additional $5K in reserve.

EMC:  Average power use here remains very low; they are extending fiber up to Neel’s Gap Hiking Center, and $750K to expand to certain locations, requesting service in 5 counties. Talked about new Market Tax Credit Financing; Ryan LLC, greatly discounted loans between $8-12 million to severely distressed communities; loaned through major banks, 39% discount at 1-2% interest +4% fee.

County Planning Commission: No meeting.

Liza Straub mtg.: Sheriff, Commissioner, Health Dept, plus number of TCCA members attended meeting re: litter in county; uncovered load at Transfer Station. Public & school education needed.

New Business:

Jan. Membership Mtg.: Discussed possible speakers—1. YHC Pres. Dr. Van Horn & basketball coach; Larry K will check on availability.  2. T.C. DA Jeff Langley. Have week of Jan. 20th.

Business Showcase: Maybe two new members; fewer in attendance than last year.

Nomination for Vice Pres.: LaJean volunteered and Larry Katz made the motion to vote LaJean in as TCCA Vice President; seconded and passed.

Adjourned: 5:20 p.m.      Joan Crothers, Secretary

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