November Board Meeting

November 14, 2019

Vice President Herb Bruce opened meeting at 3 p.m. Michael Courey absent because of surgery.

Present:  Herb Bruce, Joan Crothers, Larry Dietsch,, LaJean Turner, Barbara Carew, Noel Turner.

Minutes: Motion to approve the October 10, 2019 minutes was made by Larry Dietsch; seconded & passed.

Treasurer’s Report:  Jan emailed her report to members; it showed a balance of $4,245.47. Larry Dietsch made the motion to approve; seconded and passed.  Donation remaining is student grant in April 2020 for $100.

Membership:  LaJean reported two new members, making a total of 191.

Old Business

  1. County Ordinances reviewed: Herb said he talked to Commissioner Bradshaw about the County Noise Ordinance. Bradshaw said the Sheriff’s Office should make changes, if necessary.
  2. Website needs to be updated:  Events, Health Dept, Hamilton Gardens site link, Rec. Center & CASA links. TCCA: our mission, membership, newsletter, Vice Pres., Sign Ord., meeting minutes/photo dated, April,  Sept. incorrect. Change HRWC,
  3. Sea Plane: Reportedly won’t return. Closed subject.

New Business

  1. Downtown Development Authority (DDA): Herb read their approved Mission Statement. Murals will go on walls at Archery Store & gas station next to Dollar General..
  2. January 2020 General Membership meeting. Everything is set to go. LaJean will send out email announcement and send a Thank You reminder notice to speakers. Details for providing food at the meeting will be addressed at the December Board meeting.
  3. Candidate Forum: In conjunction with the Chamber of Commerce.We will have sometime after candidates qualify, which is March 2-6th at noon, 2020. Plans to follow.
  4. Hamilton Gardens: Larry made a motion to buy a Celebration Plaza stone (with TCCA spelled out) for $200; seconded and carried.
  5. 2020 Made in Georgia:  All agreed this doesn’t apply to us.
  6. Ridges Tax Payment:  10K & 21K; no comments
  7. MASA Medical Transport: Hiawassee and County have already renewed their plans. Presented the MASA plan as an alternative interest point.
  8. Christmas Party:  It was agreed to have at Joans home after the Dec. 12th Board meeting.

Committee Meetings:

City of Hiawassee: Police looking for two suspects who broke in and stole at Antique Mall.

City of Young Harris: Discussed w/two YHC students the Appalachian Teaching Project—water quality with removal of 15 loads of invasive plants from Corn Ck. 2019 & 2020 budget to be discussed on 11/26, 6:10 p.m. Christmas tree lighting on 12/6, 6 p.m. at Mayors Park. In the works: Pavilion and Recreation & Trails Plan.  Water bills from renters a problem—owners should collect and pay. YHC Athletic Dir. to be contacted about noise & lights late at night.

Commissioner:  Bradshaw signed a 5-yr. lease with AT&T to upgrade phone system at 911 for $220K for greater reliability. Cooperative Fire Protection Agreement between county & GA Forestry allows state to assist T.C. Fire Dept. in case of wildfire.

BRMEMC,  CVB,. Chamber, TCW&S Auth.; Planning Commission:  No reports.

Health Dept:  Larry Dietsch reported on 10/24 meeting;  27 new septic tanks in county–Bald Mtn. Park has problems because of small lots. 9 flu cases in Chatuge Hospital; measles & vaping cases high in USA; finances good with a balance of $304,395 (8 mos. operating funds).

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