November, 2018, Board Meeting Minutes

President Michael Courey opened meeting at 3 p.m..

Present:  Michael Courey, Jan Kowalsky, Joan Crothers, Barbara Carew, LaJean & Noel Turner, Larry Dietsch.

Minutes: Motion to approve the Oct. 11th Board meeting minutes as submitted was made by Barbara; seconded and passed.

Treasurer’s Report:  Jan reported a financial balance of $3974.58 as of 10/31/18 which includes the merger of the Certificate of Deposit worth $1200.57. Joan withdrew the CD on 11/l/18 and deposited the balance into TCCA Checking account at UCB. Jan also gave everyone a print-out of TCCA donations from 4/28/10-5/14/18.

Membership:  LaJean reported our membership is 200 as of today’s date, with 21  not paid. A new membership list was sent to each Board member.

Old Business:

  1. Changes to By-Laws:
  2. New name written out and initials changed; 2. Collection of dues: Treasurer receives dues and pays obligations, Secretary may receive dues and pay obligations in the absence of the Treasurer. 3. Membership Committee shall be a Standing Committee. Written proposed amendments will be sent to Board members for review.
  3. A suggestion was made to allow for a non voting membership class enabling non County residents to become Association members. Discussion occurred with further consideration to be made for addition to the list of Proposed Amendments.

Septic systems at Cedar Cliff:
An on-site (twice) review was made with evaluation of the associated conditions of the properties in question. See memo’s dated 30 October 2018 and 8 November 2018. After discussion, the matter was closed in concurrence with the memorandum to Mr. Barrett.

Officer Conners indicated that a citation would be issued to the homeowner as of yesterday regarding the failed septic system on his property of residence.

New Business:

  1. January Meeting: Friday, Jan. 25 from 6-8 p.m. at County Civic Center; speakers and duties for Board members will be finalized at Dec. meeting. LaJean will give direction to the Board members as to tasks to accomplish for the meeting.
  2. An evaluation of the financial status of the Association relative to income, expenses, and donations is in formulation. A resulting financial budget will be established as headed by Barbara and Jan.
  3. TCCA donations: An effort will be made to gain the opinion of the Association members as to which organizations should receive donations. Posting on the web site of the suggested list of such organizations will enable feedback on the membership’s opinions. The January meeting communication will prompt the membership to voice their opinion on the web site.
  4. Larry Dietsch will evaluate attending the County Health Department quarterly meetings.

Committee Meetings:

City of Hiawassee: LaJean reported on Oct. meetings. Budget was approved by Council; 2019-21 City will be a GMA PlanFirst Community, ½% off GEFA /ARC loans; City received $600K ARC (Appalachian Regional Commission) grant for Sewer Plant; Tater Ridge roadwork has begun; Halloween will be done at Courthouse porch this year to be away from Hwy. 76; 2nd yr. signed w/AirCareMed Helicopter Service-$4900; extended Sign moratorium to be in line with County ordinance; only 1 misread water meter this month out of 2,257. Auditors here first part of Nov. City Nov. election: Alcohol referendum passed 67-33% and Brunch Resolution passed 61-38%.

City of Young Harris: Barbara reported School St. & Band bldg. sidewalks on hold; Zoning moratorium extension granted until l2/4 meeting; 1st reading of zoning ord. amendment; proposal to cut Pat Pierce water bill of $504+ in half; ADA Transition plan: DOT wants review of all signage & parking for any changes; new vault type bathrooms at park will cost $40-50K.

Commissioner: No meeting in Nov., but in a called mtg. on Oct. 29th Commissioner explained the thinking behind the changes in the new county sign ordinance & no more billboard signs; 2nd reading and adoption of ord. regulating cell towers: they cannot exceed 200,’ must be at least 5 miles apart, and be monopole design with no lights; new ambulance module bid accepted from Frazer, Ltd. of Houston TX-$138,342.52.

TCW&S Auth.: Mining Gap hydrant project now over $1 mil. because of price errors, start date is 6 wks.; BVR project needs grant money to tie in all 3500’ of lines at resort; still talking w/City of Hiaw. to get 40-50 yr. plan for water; may build own county plant. Still have problem of delinquent Hiawassee sewer bills at The Oaks @The Ridges Resort, City of Hiawassee wants TCW to shut off their water until sewer is paid. However sewer service is not a TCWA activity.

Chamber:  Picked 4 names for BOD 2018 ballot: Herb Bruce, Sue Deering, Cyndi Daves, and Larry Katz (TCCA).

CVB:  Meeting will be next week.

EMC:  Michael reported that they want to update/replace all meters in their system.

County Planning Commission: No meeting however the sign to be placed at the transfer station regarding the requirement to secure and cover trash loads was viewed by the Board.

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