November 2017 Board Meeting

Present:  Noel Turner, SuSu Davis, Joan Crothers, Ken Manwaring, Don Berry, Michael Courey, LaJean Turner.

Minutes: Oct. 20th minutes, sent out by email, were approved by SuSu as sent.

Treasurer’s Report: Jan out of town, emailed report: Checkbook Balance as of 10/31/17 is $3,087.38 and w/CD total assets $4,287.95.  Jan is also working with Mike Gora on the website, still not finished. Most had looked at it and agreed pix were good, maybe change with seasons.

Membership:  LaJean reported that we still have 206 paid members. The different homeowner subdivisions only have one vote, but individual homeowners can have a membership and vote.

Committee Meetings:

            City of Hiawassee: City election: new Mayor Liz Ordiales; Council: Patsy Owens, Amy Barrett, Nancy Noblet (all new) and Chris Berrong and Anne Mitchell. The City received the $5K grant applied for re: Music on square and improvements. Chief Smith obtained new uniforms and bullet-proof vests for City police, at no charge; Officer Barrett has been promoted to Detective Barrett. Jackson Noblet is licensed and will provide gun service for City police for $80/gun for 2 checks/year. All renewals of alcoholic beverage licenses have come in. Approved contract between City & Water Sewer Authority. AND 1st reading of Ordinance to repeal: “An Ordinance granting permission and consent to BRMEMC, to occupy the streets & public places of the City.” (This is Franchise Fee, adopted and approved 8/11/17.) Vote: Jr. Chastain and Rayette Ross voted Yes; Chris Berrong voted No. Public mtg. on this: 11/27/17.

City of Y.H.: Donald Keys applied for Post 5; Post 3 still vacant. Water tank they bought won’t fit in building; Nov. 28th is budget meeting; lights in Mayors Park from SPLOST; new Xmas tree was donated. Hire/fire personnel is solely Mayor’s job, Mayor has no vote, but can break a tie.

 Commissioner:  County doing 7th Annual lake cleanup. Handed out special paper w/variety of facts and statistics: population, real estate sales, etc. Advanced Digital Cable in old Mohawk bldg. “In 2016 over $48 million spent in co. by tourists.” Sign costs: $25 application review fee; $3/sq. foot of sign face, plus $25 final permit fee.

Noel’s meeting w/Commis.: Liz wants to share cost of Economic Dir. w/County & Y.H.; Ideas on better use of old Rec. Center; Turn signal still needed at McDonald’s light; CVB needs to rotate members; Holdup on Motel/Hotel tax for 6 mos.-Holiday Inn Express delinquent. Noel will speak about TCHA on Cable Channel 4 Monday, 11/27/17.

Chamber: Contract has been signed with Bass Masters Tournament, Sept. 20-23, 2018. Today vote for 5 new Chamber members; Annual banquet is Jan. 18 at BVR. Chatuge Regional Hospital.: Spending a quarter million dollars for an outpatient mental health & substance abuse clinic; this will be through group therapy. They received $250K grant.

Key Issues:

Winter Meeting:  Because of a GMA meeting honoring Mayors, Liz and Andrea cannot attend our Jan. 19th meeting. Everyone agreed Friday, 1/26/18 would be fine if Dennis Tumlin can attend that date. He is the Economic Developer & Grant writer for a small lake community in TN. SuSu will check. Also talk at that meeting about name change to Towns County Civic Association.

EMC Board mtg.: Noel, SuSu, Michael attended this first public BOD mtg. Info. from mtg.: No charge now for inserts with bills if non-profit; they have a new attorney & are changing charter re: meetings; 50K members, almost $1 mill./mo., revenue $22.4 million; cost annually $76K for board mtgs., pay BOD $900/mtg.; FEMA paying 75% of cost of Irma. Next meeting is in December.

Dec. Board meeting-Dinner: Agreed to have no board meeting in Dec., but go to BVR for lunch on Friday, Dec. 1, at noon, at members’ expense.

Planning Committee: Nov. mtg. had two items on agenda. Asiano Rest. 5×10 sign, cost $350.

Forum recap: Joan will ask David Sokel for a forum tape.

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