March 2017 Board Meeting

Present:  Noel Turner, Jack Miller, Jan Kowalsky, Joan Crothers, Margaret Guthman, Richard Klotzbier, Don Berry, Dean Owens, LaJean Turner.

Minutes: February 27th minutes, sent out by email, were approved as sent.

Treasurer’s Report:  Checkbook balance of 2/28/17 showed a balance of $2,393.19; with CD’s – $3,589.57.

Membership:  LaJean reported that we now have 199 members.

Committee Meetings:

City of Hiawassee—Mayor announced at called meeting on 3/13/17 that she would be retiring and was turning over her duties now to Mayor Pro Tem Liz Ordiales.  No date as to retirement. City is rebidding their Website development. Carl Vincent Institute, UGA, sent long list of job descriptions and pay for City employees. Noel asked for financial figures on the Mayors Park construction. Still many unpaid business licenses, letters have been sent to them. The County has agreed to hold City elections in conjunction with County elections, for a fee, but cheaper than holding at separate locations.

City of Y.H.—On April 4th, 6:45 p.m. a public hearing on “Overlay for 5-story bldg.” will be held before the regular City Council meeting at 7 p.m.  Ethics Ordinance passed; June 2-4, Seafood event at Mayors Park; Cathy Cox has accepted the position as Dean of the Law School at Mercer U.

Towns Co. Commissioner—The T.C. Board of Elections had a public meeting on March 6th at the Civic Center to discuss their proposal to have only one voting precinct for the entire county. We have a copy of letter sent by Commissioner to Board saying he is against the proposal and “will continue to provide funding for four fully staffed precincts….”

Water Authority—Ken Manwaring attended their Board meeting. They talked about problems with leaks and asked if TCHA would help pay for expenses of this. They hope to have electronic billing soon.

Chamber—Noel reported Chamber again talked about partnering with Hamilton Gardens when total eclipse happens on August 21, 2017. School will be closed that day and Chamber will furnish the special glasses needed to view the eclipse. They asked CVB for $5K for the High School Bass Tournament. The $9K from CVB for advertising in Southern Living magazine brought in 400 requests for information. April 20, Business After Hours will be at Hightower Creek Vineyards at 5 p.m.; Oaks Restaurant at the Ridges will be open for Easter; Wishing Well will go out of business and it will soon be “Hot Dog Heaven.” Chamber says Towns County has a labor problem—many businesses have Help Wanted signs. New website will be; Vicki Ellis resigned; 397 members now in Chamber.

Key Issues:

By-laws/officers term limits: TCHA officers need to be voting residents; officers can serve two 2-year terms.  Dean made this motion and it was seconded and passed.

Hamilton Gardens—LaJean reported on the May 20th TCHA Benefit—need 16 tables, 100 chairs & linens—she can rent from place in Jasper for $491, which is cheaper than any where closer. Expenses will be higher than last year, several board members agreed to donate to the event to offset some of it.

June Annual Meeting: June 16 will be the date and topic will be consolidation of the 3 water systems in the county.

Towns County Clean Sweep Week:  TCHA will do Hwy. 76 W. from Old Rec. Center to Friendship Community on Friday, April 21st at 9 a.m.

Scholarship from TCHA: Margaret agreed to present at school on May 12, 9 a.m.

Public Hearing: Re: EMC Meeting, 4-7 p.m. at the new Rec. Center on April 13th.

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