June 5, 2019 Membership Meeting

Held at Foster Park Recreation Center

President Michael Courey opened meeting at 6 p.m. and asked speakers to go through the buffet lines first. Jan Kowalsky and Joan Crothers manned the Sign-in table. LaJean took dues at a separate table.

Attendance: 42—38 members and 4 guests.

Invocation: Led by Ms. Gottlieb.

Pledge of Allegiance: Led by Ret. Marine Col. Bill Lyon.

After dinner the following speakers were introduced by President Courey:

Hamilton Gardens: Grace Howard, Executive Director of Hamilton Gardens at Lake Chatuge, Inc., gave us the latest information on the Gardens, the car count and visitor sign-ins. She stressed the Gardens are mainly worked by volunteers and funded mainly through donations.

Clean Sweep: Liza Straubgave an update on this year’s Clean Sweep and details of Adopt-A-Road in Towns County and encouraged participation.

Fire Wise:  The Firewise review was presented by Michael Courey.

State of the City: Ronnie Phillips was scheduled to talk about the CVB, but was unable to attend due to illness. Liz Ordiales, Mayor of the City of Hiawassee gave an impromptu “State of the City” talk.

Hinton Center: Jacqueline Gottlieb, Pres. & CEO, Hinton Center, presented the functions of the Center and the results of the latest study on the quality of life in Southern Appalachia, their 58th Anniversary and discussed the other Center programs.

Business meeting:

President Courey asked for approval of May 2019 minutes (as posted on our website). Motion was made by Bill Lyon to approve; seconded and passed.

Treasurer’s Report: Also as posted on the Association website; motion was made by Billy Snipes to approve; seconded and passed.

By-Laws: The two amendments to TCCA By-Laws (explained by Michael, as well as copies presented to the membership, and as presented in advance on the web site) were voted on with unanimous “Yes” vote.

Vote for officers: Larry Dietsch, chairman of Nominating Committee, named the slate they had for officers: President—Michael Courey, Vice President—LaJean Turner; Treasurer—Jan Kowalsky; Secretary—Joan Crothers. He asked for nominations from the floor, hearing none, the nominations process was closed. A unified vote was taken and unanimously accepted. The 2019-2020 Officers will start their one year term 1 July 2019.

50-50: The results of the 50-50 were $156 split $76 for a ticket drawn and $76 for TCCA treasury. Joan reminded the membership that the half for TCCA would go for the non-profits voted on at the last membership meeting: CASA, HRWC, Hamilton Gardens, and a scholarship for TCHS student.  Liz Ordiales held the winning ticket and handed the money to Grace Howard for Hamilton Gardens.

Adjournment: Meeting was adjourned at 8:00 p.m.

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