June 2018 Board Meeting Minutes


Present:  Noel Turner,  Joan Crothers, SuSu Davis, Don Berry, Michael Courey, LaJean Turner,

Guests: Larry Katz, Barbara Carew .

Minutes: May 18th minutes, sent out by email, were approved by Don .

Treasurer’s Report: Checkbook Balance for 6/15/18 is $1,346.25; CD $1,200.57; total assets $2,546.82.

Membership:  LaJean said membership is still at 190, but 116 are due at this June meeting.


Committee Meetings:

City of Hiawassee:  Noel, Joan and Michael attended. Liz introduced fifth police officer, John Carter III. City has a grant for UGA Carl Vinson Institute to develop 1-5 yr. plan for downtown development; Town Hall meeting on 6/12. Wi-Fi now on square; Police had child seat check on sq. on 5/26 and gave away number of seats. Second read on Tree Ordinance and Employee Benefit Plan. City will flush hydrants and all 13 in city now working. Alcohol permit to Jacob Hill for Hiawassee Brew. 2018-19 Budget will have a meeting to go line by line sometime in July. GDOT says turn light at McDonalds is not needed and no bike lane. Police conducted big drug bust in apt. behind AT&T building on Main St.

City of Y.H.: Michael attended. School St should be finished Aug. 1 and Maple St. is finished. 2017 operational costs were $1,391 mil. Gov. signed new charter; Kizer Dean property donated to city; good audit, and Seafood Fest. a success; working on a new zoning map. New truck cost $48K.  July 17 next mtg. at 6 p.m. Public hearing for sign Ord. at 5:30.

Commissioner:  No June meeting.

TCW&S Auth.: Michael attended. Liz wants to up their water cost .04/1K gal. Auth. wants to hear what water actually costs City.

Chamber: Noel reported Eggs/Issues on 7/19, 8 a.m. at Oaks Rest. At last one Dr. Van Horn, YHC Pres. spoke-their enrollment is up to 1500 students. Made in GA will be 6/30-7/1 at Rec. Center, $5; Home/Garden Show had a good turnout.

CVB:  “365 Degree Marketing” oversees CVB advertising on FB, etc. Cost: $60K/year; doing a good job.

EMC: They said 81% of budget goes to expenses: 65% to TVA, 10% to Operations, 20% to Admin., 5% Misc.

June Annual Meeting: June 22nd, at the Towns County Civic Center, 6 p.m.  Each member is requested to bring a covered dish.  Speakers will be Shane Headrick from Air Med (county) and Marcus Landow from Air Methods (City).  Speaker system from HGLC; Don bringing ice; Turners bringing chicken/ham, paper products, sweet tea & water. Jan will bring unsweet tea. LaJean will check on tables, etc. Friday at 10:30 a.m. GOP meeting Thurs. night said they would leave tables and chairs up for us.

Candidates for directors: SuSu will give slate of officers for June meeting: Pres. Michael; V.P. SuSu, Directors: LaJean Turner, Larry Katz, Barbara Carew.

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