June, 2017 General Membership Meeting

June 23, 2017    6 p.m.    T.C. Rec. & Conference Center

The annual June membership/dinner meeting was called to order at 6 p.m. by Pres. Noel Turner.  Ben Lily led the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag and Billie Snipes did the invocation. The Association provided ham and chicken tenders, paper supplies, water and lemonade.  Side dishes and desserts were brought by members. Fifty members signed in as well as 13 guests. Seven new members  filled out forms and paid dues.

John Cornett, Head Football Coach at T.C. High School, introduced the three football players with him and talked about coming to this beautiful area, the team, and an upcoming fund-raiser on the square.

Commissioner Cliff Bradshaw spoke about the county: auditors were just here and found no problems, the county in good shape, moneywise; ball fields at new Rec. Center being finished and a new field house being built at the lower field by Mining Gap entrance; the beach house rest rooms have been refurbished  and the building repainted; all this was done with detainee labor. He has rented a flashing billboard on line between Fannin and Gilmer counties telling about Towns County; the High School Bass Tournament will be coming back to T.C. next year; he is meeting with Sen. Wilkinson about a turn lane along Hwy. 76 from the Hayesville junction to GMF; and talked about the eclipse bringing in thousands of people to our county—motels are already booked.

Liz Ruf, CASA, talked about the need for foster parents in Towns County. They have had 47 children in the county this year that had to be placed in other counties because of the lack of Towns foster families.

TVA Watershed Rep. Scott Ledford, was present instead of Chris Cooper, who was dealing with TVA emergency flooding in the system. He couldn’t answer the questions asked, but they were written down to pass on to Cooper.

Noel recognized LaJean and SuSu for their work on the Benefits for the Hamilton Garden the last two years, bringing in much needed project money for the Gardens. LaJean asked members to sign up for a 10-person Social Committee to help with TCHA projects.

In the TCHA business portion of meeting, two By-Laws were approved by the membership:

Article 12 General Provisions & Definitions, Section 7: Deleted from By-Laws;

Article 4, Section 2 (d) Duties of the Treasurer was changed as follows: “Checks shall require one of the following signatures, the Treasurer, the Secretary, or the President.”

Slate of officers and directors voted into office: Pres. Noel Turner; V.P. SuSu Davis, Treasurer Jan Kowalsky, Secretary Joan Crothers; Directors: Don Berry, Richard Klotzbier, Ken Manwaring, Michael Courey.

Meeting adjourned.

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