July 2018 Board Meeting Minutes

July 20, 2018  

New President, Michael Courey opened meeting at 4 p.m.

Present:  Michael Courey, SuSu Davis, Jan Kowalsky, Joan Crothers, Larry Katz, Barbara Carew .

Minutes: Motion to approve the June 15 BOD Mtg., June 22 Annual Mtg., and July 5th @ Commissioner’s office minutes, all sent out by email, was made by Larry; seconded and passed.

Treasurer’s Report: Checkbook Balance for 6/30/18 is $1,359.01; CD $1,200.57; total assets $2,559.58. Michael said he was concerned about the budget being so close and feels we should have at least $5K in our Treasury. Operating expenses and donations were discussed and it was agreed that anyone on the Board should bring expenses they incur before the Board for approval of payment.

Membership:  LaJean gave her report to Michael: membership is only 194 as the attendance was low for our June Annual meeting. She will be sending out letters when she and Noel get back in town.

Website: Michael asked that we all promote the website. Really need someone to help Jan—Chamber??

Attendees for City & County meetings: Y.H. City Council—Barbara; CVB: Barbara/LaJean; Hiawassee City Council & Commissioner’s Mtg.—Joan; TCW&SA—Barbara/Jan; Planning Commission—Larry; BRMEMC—Michael; Chamber: Noel.

Committee Meetings:

City of Hiawassee:  Friday Movies (8:30) & Sat. Music (6:30) are both well attended; City has a float for Fair Parade; Water Map project approved for no more than $5,200; Barrett Insurance saving City $4K 2018 and $6K in 2019; on Nov. ballot-change Sunday serving alcohol from 12:30 to 11 a.m.; new carpet being installed throughout City Hall; Liz & Andrea attended Mayor’s GMA Convention in Savannah.

Commissioner: 90-day moratorium on sign permits, Planning Comm., Co. Atty., & Commis. will meet and strengthen; Bradshaw opened 2 bids for Fire Dept. metal bldg, inside being done by detainees.

TCW&S Auth.: Water cost agreement w/Hiawassee not completed; paid $11K for their audit; Infra-structure upgrade on Mining Gap Trail; they will start to email bills.

Chamber: Noel on vacation.

CVB:  No one reported.

EMC: TVA will increase cost to EMC 2.4% in Oct.2018, passed on as increase on Customer Charge; BRMEMC says they have not increased rates in 6 yrs. Town Hall mtg. Aug. 7, 6 p.m. at EMC in Y.H.

Board Vacancy: Michael suggested bringing Larry Deitz in vacancy of Ken Manwaring as Director. Larry Katz made this motion and it was seconded and passed.

Alcohol Referendum: At the June meeting the membership by show of hands wanted a referendum on ballot for a package store. Commissioner will not do this for county, although he will put referendum for alcohol by drink for all restaurants in county. LaJean is working on a City of Hiawassee initiative.

Memorandum: All agreed that the memorandum to Commissioner written on July 6th by Michael on this issue be put on TCCA website.

Business Cards for BOD members: SuSu made a motion that Larry should look into business cards on line for the Board members; seconded and passed.

Change meeting time: Agreed to change our meeting time to 2nd Thurs. in each month at 3 p.m. beginning in August.

By-Laws change: Table to next month.

Mail Received:  A thank you letter from Hamilton Gardens for our donation earlier this year.

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