January 2018 Board Meeting

Present:  Noel Turner, Jan Kowalsky, Joan Crothers, Richard Klotzbier, Ken Manwaring, Don Berry, Michael Courey,  LaJean Turner.

Minutes: Nov. 17th  minutes, sent out by email, were approved by Michael as sent.

Treasurer’s Report: Jan reported Checkbook Balance for months of Nov. and Dec. is $2,826.38 plus $50 dues recently deposited. CD total assets $4,026.95.

Membership:  LaJean reported that we have gone down in membership to 188 paid members. We usually get members at the upcoming general meeting.

Committee Meetings:

City of Hiawassee: At January 2nd meeting Liz as Mayor and City Council member Amy Barrett were sworn in (Patsy Owens out of town).  Personnel changes at City Hall, Cenlya Gallaway is now Court Clerk, Bonnie Kendrick is City Clerk, Theresa is gone. Health Benefit Renewal-$50 cheaper per employee. Motel/Hotel Tax—City keeps 60%, 40% to Chamber for advertising. Fred’s now has Beer/Wine License. A large 1984 Bond payment w/high interest was paid off before Jan. payment was due, saving City $50,000. Original loan was $274,000 and $602,253 had already been paid on it with only $135,000  to principal.

City of Y.H.: Chemical tank will not fit into door opening, vendor error. In 2017: 750 households generated $28K in water service and $38K sewer service/mo. Loraine Restaurant new owners will construct porch & inside bar for wine, beer, liquor (have permit). City Charter changes sent to state. Lighted speed sign bought—similar to Hiawassee’s. Cupid Falls $9600 for 100’ boardwalk-500’remain to finish (can’t find workers). Mayor/Council members sworn in. Elections cost $10K, will appoint to fill any vacancies.

 Commissioner:  Called meeting to discuss County budget; last week’s regular meeting canceled due to snow, next mtg. on Feb. 13th @5:30 at Courthouse.

TCW&S Auth.: Michael reported that they are still dealing with leaks-$10K loss/month. They will meet w/Mayor Liz re: partnership w/Hiaw. and address 1989-2028 Bond that they pay 45% on the 5% joint venture. 4100 customers and they plan renovations of over $1mill. to a sector of service.

Chamber: Annual mtg. was last night, well-attended and Noel was installed on Board. Membership 410. Many events coming this year: Get Outdoors Expo-Apr. 7-8; Made in GA-6/30-7/1; Bass Tournament-Sept. 23, are new ones.

CVB:  They are working on being a 301(c)6; Can’t put web cam on Bell Mtn., they will include Y.H. when place is found.  Hwy. 288 property still waiting for grant approval. 40% of their money must be used for advertising-billboard is on 515 at Fannin line. $313K available for 2018, $239K committed.

EMC Board mtg.:  Noel said they have 2 new sub-stations—Murphy & Crooked Ck. Michael spoke to GM Helms and handed out answers to his questions to TCHA Board members.

Key Issues:

Winter Meeting:  Friday, Jan. 26, 6 p.m. covered dish dinner mtg.  LaJean has Rec. Center set up for us and has plates, cups, etc. and 2 ladies to help set up. She & Noel getting Chicken, ham, 3 each jugs of tea; Michael getting bottles of water; Don bringing rolls & ice chest-ice machine is there. SuSu has speakers lined up: Dennis will speak first, then Mayors, and Commis. if able to come.

New rack cards:  SuSu made a motion to print new rack cards if name change is approved at Jan. meeting; seconded and approved.

TCHA Web site: Jan reported on the web site she has been working on and has spent $350. She was told to write herself a check in that amount. She also said the name change will not have a charge.

Hamilton Gardens: SuSu made a motion to sponsor HGLC fund-raiser in April for $300; seconded and passed.  Noel and Michael said each will donate $100, making full amount $500.  Suggested HGLC look for another business or group to also sponsor.

HRWC: They will be having their annual Gala and Noel will send out an email asking board for participants at a table of 8, which we have done for a number of years.

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