August, 2018 Board Meeting Minutes

President Michael Courey opened the August 9th meeting at 4 p.m. and welcomed Larry Dietsch as new Board member.

Present:  Michael Courey, Jan Kowalsky, Joan Crothers, Larry Katz, Barbara Carew, Larry Dietsch.

Minutes: Motion to approve the July 20th Board meeting minutes as sent by email was made by Larry Katz; seconded and passed.

Budget: Organizations receiving donations from TCCA on regular basis: Food Pantry, HRW Coalition, Hamilton Gardens, Scholarship, CASA. All agreed we need a more substantial buffer surplus, not counting the CD. Larry Dietsch made a motion to discontinue donations during this fiscal year; seconded and passed.

Membership:  LaJean’s letters seem to have brought in quite a few dues. She and Noel will be back for the next meeting.

Opening on Board: Michael said he received a Letter of Resignation from SuSu Davis.

Old Business:

Attendees for City & County meetings: Y.H. City Council—Barbara; CVB: Michael/Larry D.; Hiawassee City Council (both meetings)—LaJean/Joan; Commissioner’s Mtg.—Joan; TCW&SA—Barbara/Jan (when in town); Planning Commission—Larry Katz; BRMEMC—Michael, Noel; Chamber: Larry Katz, Noel is Board member.

Alcohol referendum: Package Store will not be on ballot, but a change in time for restaurants to serve earlier on Sundays will be on ballot.

Business Cards for BOD members: Jan made a motion to order 500, of the chosen design; authorized up to $30.

Changes to By-Laws: Larry K. made his recommendations to the list of changes: Board approved: Article 1—reflect new name, and 2—new initials. No change relative to suggestions # 3 and #4,

and # 5 concerning Board membership (see list of suggestions).

Committee Meetings:

City of Hiawassee:  July 30th Wk. Session—Handed out a 5 page Executive Summary of Hiawassee Public Input at Town Hall Mtg. June 12, 2018 to all present; Mayors Pk. Bathrooms finished; first EMC franchise fee was $5800; Bills delinquent 60 days–meters cut off;  DOT will put in turn signal @McDonalds; movie filmed here: “This World Alone.” Municode now has all City codes online; City paid off TCW&S Auth. $120K 5% interest loan and they will now pay their portion back to City of Hiawassee.

No reports on other meetings.

New Business:

Web site update: Ryan Farmer is a source of web site management available for hire at $450/year if/when needed.

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