August 2017 Board Meeting

Present:  Noel Turner, SuSu Davis, Jan Kowalsky, Joan Crothers, Don Berry, Ken Manwaring, LaJean Turner.

Minutes: July 21, minutes, sent out by email, were approved by SuSu as sent.

Treasurer’s Report:  Checkbook balance of 7/31/17 is $$2,612.38; with CD -$1,196.38; Total assets $3,808.76. Jan said she found an error in 3 months’ reports, in our favor, and handed out new Treasurer’s Reports for April, May, and June. Ken Manwaring made a motion to donate $300 to the Towns County Food Pantry; seconded and passed.

Membership:  LaJean reported that several delinquent memberships have come in since her emails.

Committee Meetings:

City of Hiawassee—Joan reported that at the regular 8/1/17 meeting Paul  Smith was sworn in as Hiawassee City Police Chief by D.A. Jeff Langley; Kubota Excavation Track Hoe will be purchased for $58,455 (lowest bid) from Nelson Tractor Co.; Chris Berrong was voted to be new Mayor Pro-Tem.  At the Spec. called meeting on 8/8/17, Jr. complained about the Planning Expansion Ordinance that stipulates 4 units/acre, saying there should be more units allowed and he is thinking of building—he has 9 acres. Jeff Waldroup was in the audience and also complained.  2nd Reading of said ord. was approved by 3-1 vote.

City of Y.H.—Su Su had notes from Michael Courey on the Council meeting—resident Steve Cannon had a large leak with a $2,400 bill, was allowed to pay $800, someone said  “they were not following policy.”  Water/Sewer rates are going up (.43); sidewalk on Maple St. must be started by 12/31/17, per DOT, in SPLOST budget.

Towns Co. Commissioner—Joan & Noel went: County’s paperwork on 288 park has been submitted to Forest Service; final audit was good; new (rebuilt) ambulance for county; Silvia Chasner is replacing Zadie Peters on Avita (Mental illness & Disability) Board; Jessica Ledford is replacing Brenda Brewer at T.C. Child Care; Ken Nicholson is new EMS Director; Rickey Mathis spoke about county safety during eclipse, Fire Chief present.

Water Authority—Ken reported that they are still finding water leaks. Notice in paper that they have property for sale.

Chamber—Noel reported they have sold 3K eclipse glasses and have 17 vendors for eclipse day; bidding on the 2018 Bass Masters Tournament with results by end of Aug.; talking about web cam at Bell Mountain Park–$6K, Chamber has sponsors; Bob Cloer has donated $5K prize money for Xmas Parade.

CVB: Courtesy dock at GMF for safety; cost $21K,  TVA covering $10K & CVB asked to cover the rest; GMF also getting $50K for Xmas Light Show; GMF gate up this year $24K; Brew Fest. is 10/28.

Key Issues:

Winter Meeting:  Date picked was Friday, Jan. 19, 2018 at new Rec. Center.  SuSu will get someone in Economic Development to speak.

TVA/DNR letter: Noel sent a letter on 8/25 to D. Chris Cooper, TVA Manager, outlining questions from our June meeting and asking him for answers; copies went to Bradshaw, Wilkinson, Gurtler, DNR Webb.

Forum: Qualifying was 8/ 22-24, Mayor has opponent and 2 Council seats have 2 each running and 3rd seat has 3 running. [NOTE: Candidate Forum will be Mon., 10/2 at 6 p.m. at Civic Center.]

Chamber Business Showcase:  Sept. 28 at 3-7 p.m. (set up 11-3); volunteered: LaJean, Noel, Don, SuSu, Joan.

Meet w/Commis:  Noel will set a date and email subjects and time.  [NOTE: Noel emailed 8/30, 4 p.m. @ Commis. office.]

Meeting w/Rep. Collins: Only 16 people are meeting w/him—SuSu and Noel will be two.

Other: BRMEMC Annual Meeting will be on Sept. 9, at the Fine Arts Center in Blairsville.

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