April, 2019, Board Meeting

Present:  Noel Turner, Joan Crothers, SuSu Davis, Richard Klotzbier, Don Berry, Michael Courey, LaJean Turner, Ben Lilly, Margaret Guthman; Guests: John  Seymour, Barbara Carew.

Noel asked everyone to give a short bio for benefit of guests.

Minutes: March 16th minutes, sent out by email, were approved by Michael with one correction .

Treasurer’s Report: Jan emailed Checkbook Balance for 4/16/18 is $1,371.25; CD $1,200.57; total assets $2,571.82. 

Membership:  LaJean said membership is staying at 190. She handed out updated application blanks and new rack cards.

Committee Meetings:

City of Hiawassee:  Long Mayor’s report: New on City website, “Noel would like where citizens can request an answer from Mayor,” (on left hand side bar); City hydrants (202) will soon be painted; Fri. movie night and Sat. music will start on square Memorial Day weekend; also on Mem. Day Sat. on sq. Project Car Seat—have truckload of  free car seats and show how to install; dead maple tree must come down; Liz now GMA 3rd V.P.; in March ’17 City had 17 drug arrests, this year only 2. Leak insurance will be voted on at May regular meeting: cost is $2.50/mo. commercial & 1.80 ea. resident/mo. You can opt out.

City of Y.H.: They have same water leak insurance; Michael said it’s going ok. Big leak at Y.H. Dollar General, took days to install a shut-off valve where there was none for that side of town.

Commissioner:  Sign up for free CodeRED Emergency Alert System on Tuesday, May 1 or Tuesday, May 8, at Commiss. Office from l-4:40 p.m., you’ll be notified of any emergency (tornadoes, wildfires, snow storm, floods, any service interruptions); Commis. and Sheriff will work together to stop graffiti painting on Bell Mountain, more cameras and extra patrols; County dropping Windstream, going to ETC & BRMEMC, saving $18-19K; Co. joining 700 other counties in opioid epidemic lawsuit; Renewed Air Methods Advantage free coverage for all co. residents needing to be air lifted; James Powell appointed to Election Board; Outdoor Expo had 2,850 paid customers.

TCW&S Auth.: They changed their meeting to the 3rd Tues, so Michael missed the meeting.

Chamber: Outdoor Expo was a big success 2,850 attending; talking about renting a second billboard; Commissioner will be holding a State of the County address at YHC, May 23rd, 8:00 AM.  Registration is $15 to be paid by 5/18.

CVB:  Chamber given $7K for “Made in GA” in June; Webcam will be at beach area; No more money given for Xmas lights; HGLC asked for $18K, received $1K for four months.

EMC: City of Hiawassee Franchise Fee due June 1; work planned for substation at Nottely, cost $3.1 mill.; Only 2k voted last year out of 50k members for the board of director election.  BREMC ranks 26th out of 41 EMC’s regarding kWh rates.

Clean Sweep Wk: On Sat., April 21st TCCA will meet at old Rec. parking lot at 8:30 a.m. (hour earlier)  to pick up both sides of Hwy. 76 West .Coming are Noel, SuSu, Michael, LaJean, and Joan. Pizza party & awards will be on Tues., 4/24 at 6 p.m. at new Rec. Center.

June Annual Meeting: June 22nd, at the Towns County Civic Center, 6PM.  Each member is requested to bring a covered dish.  Speakers to be determined.

Candidates for directors: SuSu made a motion to accept LaJean Turner, John Seymour and Barbara Carew as candidates for directors; seconded and passed. Slate of Officers for June meeting: Pres. Michael; V.P. SuSu, (1-yr. terms) ; Directors: LaJean, John, Barbara (2-year terms).

Scholarship: SuSu made a motion that we continue to give a $200 Scholarship to a Senior at TC High; seconded and passed. SuSu will attend on May 11th to give.

Mail: Callie Moore, HRWC, sent a letter thanking TCCA for our donation of $500.

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