April 2017 Board Meeting

Present:  Noel Turner, Jack Miller, Jan Kowalsky, Joan Crothers, Richard Klotzbier, Don Berry, Dean Owens, LaJean Turner, SuSu Davis, Ken Manwaring, Michael Courey.

Minutes: March 17th  minutes, sent out by email, were approved as sent.

Treasurer’s Report:  Checkbook balance of 2/28/17 showed a balance of $2,768.19; with CD’s – $3,964.57.

Website:  Jan said she is working again with Mike Gora to recover our website. Expenses: Mike $500; Go Daddy $250. Don Berry made a motion to reimburse both; seconded and passed.

Chamber Golf Tournament: Motion to donate $100 made by Dean Owens; seconded and passed.

Membership:  LaJean reported that we have 99 families, those not responding to her letters will be taken off the roster.

Committee Meetings:

City of Hiawassee—Mayor has now retired and Liz is on the job every day. There is no extra pay in Charter for Mayor Pro Tem—needs to be changed if this happens again. She is working on a new phone system, getting business licenses all paid, finding “lost water meters.” Moratorium on building Permits for 90 days while the Council works on 2010 Comp. Plan amendments. Brandon Barrett hired as 5th officer in the City, Tony Redon hired as part time officer. Student Bazya Smith spoke for 3 minutes on her 1st place speech in recent MMS Speech Contest.

City of Y.H.—Margaret attended and SuSu relayed the information. The Council had first reading of overlay plan for the 5-story YHC building; discussed water leak insurance for residents, they pay $1/mo. premium.

Towns Co. Commissioner—Noel attended, Joan couldn’t. Budget on track, gym will open at 8 a.m. rather than 9; Commis. is working with Forest Service to reopen 288 park, working on grant. Fire Wise Program update by Frank Riley; 1st reading of Resolution amending T.C. Code of Ordinances, Chapter 40 re: public streets, private roads and bona-fide intra-family transfers; new appointees to T.C. Library Board: Jerry Taylor and Holly Tiger; Retirement Awards to Laura Stamey (911), Wes Hooper (Rec.) and Bill Hyatt.

Water Authority—Ken Manwaring reported Auth. is putting locks ($500 apiece) on water hydrants because of big leakage problem—38%/1 million gal. Contractors are using hydrants without paying fees. Need to ask Commis. to attend on 3rd Mon. at 6 p.m.

Chamber—All area motels, B&B’s are booked for total solar eclipse on Aug. 21st.

Key Issues:

Nominating Committee:  Dean had made a motion last month that By-Laws should be changed to say officers can serve two 2-year terms, subject to membership approval. Everyone agreed to this again at this meeting. Michael Courey and Ken Manwaring will be up for election as new directors.

CVB: Don went to meeting on 4/12. Hilda asked for $50K for lights, but they gave her $40K and she should use local labor. A grant for 288 Park from Forest Serv. should come in August.

Hamilton Gardens—LaJean is working hard on the May 20th TCHA Benefit and has tickets; lots of advertising on this.

June 23rd Annual Meeting: Noel is working on speakers.

Scholarship from TCHA: Margaret and SuSu agreed to present to a designated senior at school on May 12, 9 a.m.

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